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Loan Against Property in Hyderabad

Loan Against Property in Hyderabad

Loan Against Property in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has the distinction of being a shared capital for both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for a few years now. Hyderabad has been seeing a tremendous infrastructural and economic boom along with bubbling real estate prices over the last six years until 2021. It is now speculated that the real estate market is overheated leading to a slump in the number of buyers and registrations.

To add to this, interest rates in the economy have been historically low during 2021; opening an opportunity for buyers to purchase real estate with affordable interest rates in Hyderabad.

Thus, if you are keen on owning a property in Hyderabad very soon, it would be advisable to buy it now. With revised circle rates by the government and stamp duty for registration, people are in a wait and watch mode.

However, as a prospective buyer with existing properties in Hyderabad you can look at taking out a Loan Against Property in Hyderabad at a low interest rate. Mortgaging existing property is an innovative way to unlock the potential and value and receive a lump sum amount which can be alternatively invested in another property or business or emergency use.

There are multiple providers for LAP in Hyderabad where you can get a quote on the interest rate on the new loan. However, apart from this there are various factors one needs to keep in mind for a smooth processing and orderly conduct of the loan against property.

Providers like Poonawalla Housing offer specially curated LAP offers with simple and easy payment methods. They are now offering this in the city of Hyderabad - one of India’s largest and most reputed financial corporations.

To understand how the process works, you can take a quote for your existing property with the Loan Against Property calculator. This quote is subject to verification and further documentation.

Features and Benefits:

The features below will help you decide and then you can apply online for Loan Against Property.

Best Possible LTV:
The ratio of Loan-to-value (LTV) against your property is an important aspect in LAP. It will determine how much percentage of the total value of your loan value you will receive. We offer one of the highest LTVs in the market.

Most people are hesitant on taking out a LAP owing to the hassles of Loan against property documents required. However, be rest assured of a simple and minimal process from Poonawalla Housing.

Easy Repayment Method:
Our easy repayment facility allows adjustments to your EMI schedule as per your cash flow. You can change the tenure and the EMI amount as per your discretion.

Loan Capital:
LAP is available ranging from Rs.5 lakh up to Rs.25 lakh for meeting various financial obligations.

Transparent Processing:
Plan your expenses and payments with transparent fees and charges communicated to you upfront.

Quick Loan Processing:
Quick loan processing is an essential aspect for commercial and residential real estate purchases. We provide seamless and hassle-free processing of your loan application.

Competitive Interest Rates:
You can be assured of a reasonable interest rate on loan against property for you. You can reach out to our sales executive to understand your loan against property eligibility.

Loan Against Different Properties:
Whether you need to unlock the potential value of warehouses, commercial or residential properties - anything can be mortgaged for taking out an LAP.

While interest rates will keep changing and the prices in Hyderabad will move depending on supply and demand, plan your future real estate investment with a LAP from Poonawalla Housing.

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