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home loan application process work in India
Here’s a step-by-step guide to home loan in India

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in one’s life. With affordable home loans arriving on the scene, buying a home has become a reality for many.

On home loan save your money
Best ways to save money on your home loan

For most of us, a home is a dream purchase, which offers an opportunity to choose where you want to live. The structural demand for housing is very strong in India, and this demand only continues to rise.

Different ways to reduce your rate of interest on home loan
How to reduce your home loan interest

A home loan is usually taken for a higher amount and the tenure ranges from medium to the long term. While buying a house is a dream come true for many, paying back the monthly EMIs over a long period can be stressful and may put a lot of strain on an individual's financial situation.

How to repay your home loan faster
A detailed guide on paying home loans faster

The availability of home loans has simplified the process of owning a home for many individuals, today. However, taking a home loan and maintaining a good track record of pre-paying a loan are two different things.

Ways of reduce the interest rate outgo on home loan
How to reduce the interest outgo on your home loan?

The proportion of the principal amount charged by the lender for borrowing the principal amount is known as the home loan interest rate

First time homebuyers benefit from Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)
How first time homebuyers benefit from Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)

Most of us dream of owning a home. However, most financiers offer home loans at higher interest rates, which becomes a major impediment for most aspiring homeowners.

Bank vs NBFC – Comparision for home loan?
Bank vs NBFC - Which Is Better For Home Loan?

Since 2015, Non-BankingFinancial Companies (NBFCs) have been contributing heavily towards credit growth,

Reasons to fund your goals with LAP
Reasons To Fund Goals With Loan Against Property

A Loan against property or LAP is a type of secured loan under which the property is kept as collateral for the loan amount.

What is Home Improvement Loan
Everything you need to know about Poonawalla Housing Finance Home Improvement Loan

The right home renovation can help you customise your home, as per your needs and optimise space effectively.

All About Home Loan balance Trasnfer
Why should you choose home loan balance transfer facility by Poonawalla Housing Finance?

A home loan is a convenient option for individuals looking to purchase their dream home, especially when there’s a significant decline in interest rates

Different Types of home loan
5 Different Types Home Loans by Poonawalla Housing Finance

Many home buyers postponed their decision to buy a house in 2020 due to the pandemic. But now, in the backdrop of subsiding Covid-19 fear

Avail home loan online with linking your phone number with Aadhar number
Link your mobile number with Aadhaar to avail Home Loan online

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) recently issued a reminder to ensure that the mobile number linked to Aadhaar is accurate and up to date

Khushiyon Ka Celebration Festival Loan Offer
Khushiyon Ka Celebration Festival Loan Offer

It is that time of the year when festivities are in full swing. What makes these occasions sparkle, is the hope for a better tomorrow,

Benefits of Micro LAP For wedding
Benefits of Micro Loan Against Property (LAP) for Wedding

Marriage is a union of two souls, two families, and sometimes even two diverse cultures. When it comes to weddings in India, the

Advantages of Micro LAP
Key Features & Benefits of Micro Loan Against Property (LAP)

You may be running a small business, but your dreams are larger than life, you are a salaried employee and want to send your

Top 5 Home Rennovation Ideas
How to upgrade your Home interior?

Creating an awe-inspiring interior design is on the wish list of every homeowner. Thankfully, today there are several classy

Ideas To Technically Upgrade Your Home
How to technically upgrade my home?

If buying a home is one of the biggest investments you would make in your lifetime, using technology to upgrade your home will

Floating Interest Rate Vs Fixed Interest Rate
Floating Interest Rate vs Fixed Interest Rate: Which one is the better option

Interest rate is one of the essential factors to consider before opting for a home loan. Home loan interest rate is available

10 Major Home Loan Terms
10 Home Loan Terms Every Home Aspirer Should Know

Home loans are designed to make the process of home buying easy and convenient. With the help of home loans, you can purchase

Home Redesigning Ideas for Home/Bedroom
5 ways to revamp your home/bedroom decor

Many motivations can strike the mind when considering bedroom or home renovation ideas. You might be doing it because the decor

Reduce EMI
How to reduce your monthly EMIs

Everyone wants a housing loan with the lowest EMI. However, home loan EMIs depend on several factors, including loan amount

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana
How Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana works

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) is a Government of India initiative that envisions providing affordable housing to the urban

Loan Against Property
Prudent uses of a Loan Against Property

A secured mode of finance; a loan against property, can help you monetise your asset for different needs. Whether you have a

Transferring Home Loan
Essential things to consider before transferring your Home loan

In a hyper-competitive home loan market, borrowers are spoilt for choice. Lenders have come up with various offers to lure the

Loan Against Property
Mistakes to avoid while taking a Loan Against Property

A loan against property (LAP) allows you to raise funds for business and personal needs on the go. As it is a secured mode of

Loan Against Property
Things to know before applying for a Loan Against Property

There are many types of loans available in the market to address your immediate financial needs, and loan against property is

Loan Against Property
Common loan against property myths busted

A secured mode of finance that can give you considerable funds for a range of needs, there are several myths surrounding loan

Home Loan Terminology
Common housing loan terminology that you must know

Buying a home is one of our foremost dreams, and home loans help fulfil it. The home loan market has evolved significantly over

Dream Home by Poonawalla
Things to consider before taking a Home Loan.

A home loan gives you the required funds to buy your dream home. There are multiple choices that one may have for this; however

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